Conveyor – Common Problems And Remedy

Conveyors are used in most heavy industries to light industries. However, in the course of use, certainly conveyor belts will encounter some problems. Do you know how to fix it?

Conveyor is a mechanism or machine that can transport an object or a large amount of material from one point to another in its length based on energy from the generators. It is used in most heavy industries to light industries.

In the process of coal mining, ore or in the process of transporting materials, conveyors may encounter problems such as stretching, slipping or breaking. At the same time, due to continuous operation of the machine, it is easy to wear out. That will cause significant damage to your company.

To protect the conveyor belt, people have devised ways to use the inverter. Inverter is a device that transforms alternating current at this frequency into alternating current at another frequency. It has the effect of loading some machines in industries such as paper loading machine, cutting machine in paper and packaging industry; Loader of presses, blowers, extruders, film coated in plastic industry. By precisely controlling the motor speed and torque, it can extend the operating time of the conveyor. Using inverters, conveyors are capable of running smoothly throughout the loading path, unaffected by the shape and curvature of the distance. As a result, your company can save energy and maintain the conveyor belt.

In addition, if a connection of the conveyor needs to be repaired, the drive will control moving the conveyor to the correct position for convenient repair. Moreover, the inverter also helps simplify the design of conveyor systems, reducing investment and maintenance costs. In some cases, the transmission box can be completely removed, increasing the conveyor system performance.

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