About us


First of all, Trung Thanh Phat Conveyor Trading Co., Ltd would like to send our thanks and sincere greetings to customers in the past.

Trung Thanh Phat Conveyor Trading Co., Ltd manufactures and trades items: Conveyors, conveyors, and prestige in the market for a long time.

With the efforts of the contingent of skilled workers and employees who are thoroughly trained in both technical and professional skills and management capacity, the Company has constantly improved product quality and creativity. create new, suitable models and catch up with the needs of the market, timely serve the development of modern life. Until now Trung Thanh Phat Conveyor Trading Co., Ltd brings beauty, comfort and quality for each project. The company is constantly expanding relationships with all economic sectors in the country and abroad by joint ventures, joint ventures to promote production, development, goods exchange, commodity diversification, product quality assurance. best products and services to satisfy all customers’ needs. With the desire to serve customers better and better, Trung Thanh Phat Conveyor Trading Co., Ltd always strives to complete the production process, improve product quality to meet customers’ needs. .

Operation criteria of Trung Thanh Phat Company: “Enthusiastic today – Success tomorrow”. Always towards customers, put the interests of customers first.

Best regards.

Pham Thanh Trung

Basic value of Trung Thanh Phat
With a team of good, skilled and experienced engineers, technicians, employees, Trung Thanh Phat Conveyor Co., Ltd always provides the market with quality and diversified products. types, beautiful in design and adaptable to all factory buildings.


Product quality is the top target of Trung Thanh Phat Company. We always consider people as the subject of the production, mastering and using advanced technology, bringing into full play the advantages of technical equipment and machinery throughout the process of formation and development of Cong. company. Therefore, in recent years, the Company regularly researches to improve product quality and strictly implement the quality management system according to international standard ISO 9001: 2000. With the efforts and striving hard, the Company is willing to help and affirm quality through offering warranty solutions, customer care services, perfect after-sales service to compete with domestic and foreign products of the same type, which best meet the needs and interests of customers.

In parallel with mechanical products, conveyor manufacturing, conveyors, mechanical components, the company also develops and trades other products such as industrial electrical equipment, geotextile products, Diaphragm mesh, absorbent wick, HDPE waterproof membrane, imported gabion, high quality. Coming to the company, customers are not only satisfied with the quality, durable and beautiful works, but also feel secure because they are cared for with perfect services and other utilities for daily life.


Trung Thanh Phat Conveyor Co., Ltd is proud of its young and enthusiastic staff. The workforce is well-trained in both technical, professional, management capacity, industrial style, business art, professional ethics … with material and cultural life. God is improving, increasing the position of the Company to a new level. Each individual is a brick building of Trung Thanh Phat house with a creative space and here they are promoted to the knack of trained knowledge to create useful products and services for the commune. Assembly The company always pays attention to the policy of training, utilizing talents, developing future human resources, and especially promoting the role of individuals and people in the development of the Company.

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