7 Types of Common Conveyors in Industry

Conveyor system is the most economical transport equipment in the application of transporting goods and materials in production with all distances.

Using conveyor belts to transport materials contributes to creating a dynamic, scientific and labor-free production environment that brings high economic efficiency.

Each type of conveyor will be applied to work in different conditions:

1. Chain conveyor: used in industries, especially the automotive industry, often uses chain conveyor systems to convey car parts through paint plants.

2. Roller conveyors: often used in the food industry, transporting product boxes, container supports. Roller conveyor is divided into 4 types: plastic roller conveyor, PVC roller conveyor, galvanized steel roller conveyor, roller conveyor conveyed by motor.

3. Rubber conveyor belt: is often used to transport coal, zinc, ore … from the mining area to the gathering area. This type can be mounted on any terrain and any distance.

4. Spiral conveyor belt: often used in the food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical packaging, retail … It transports materials in a continuous stream.

5. Vertical conveyor: usually transports goods like an elevator

6. Flexible conveyors: often used in transporting food packaging, packing profiles, pharmaceutical industry ….

7. Vibrating conveyor: often used for food transport, suitable for harsh environments.

Above is the basic information about each type of conveyor that businesses need to learn before investing a conveyor system to be able to use properly and achieve high efficiency.

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